Charleston Students Help Military at Operation Healthy Delta

Charleston Staff District Announcements

Charleston High School students got to participate in Operation Healthy Delta and learn first-hand from military personnel.

Operation Healthy Delta took place September 13-21, 2017 and was held at Charleston United Methodist Church, hosted by DAEOC.

During the operation:

– 32 total students volunteered during the operation.

– Students ushered patients around to areas of Dental, Medical, and Optometry.

– Students had the opportunity to shadow physicians.

– Some students were taught how to check vital signs and had a chance to use their skills on patients being seen.

– Students were taught how to do vision exams and how to ready prescriptions on glasses.

– Distributed food from the food bank.

– Distributed water and snacks for people waiting for services.

– Made military and medical contacts for future resources.

This was an overwhelmingly positive time for CHS students. On the last day, CHS students honored the military men and women with a cake, and student Lamar Douglas gave a speech thanking them for allowing our students to be a part of this experience.

The Charleston R-I School District would like to thank our CHS student volunteers for representing our district, and the military men and women of Operation Healthy Delta for a positive, enriching week.


Submitted by Julie Burke, Edited by B.J. Babb

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